Anonymous Submission Guidelines

I will not limit submissions because this is your story and it can be about anything. But, there are a few guidelines that need to be respected.

  • please do not post other peoples work, I will reject it.
  • if your story has quotes I will ask that you cite the author. If you’re unsure how to cite I will help you, or you can give me the information and I will edit the citation into your submission.
  • no copyrighted photos. free online stock photos or photos you have taken yourself are encouraged.

submissions will be posted once a week on Fridays. keep in mind it may take a few weeks for me to post your submission. I will also do appropriate editing but I will send all my edits back for your approval. I will not add to your work, my edits will be purely mechanical.

Also, if you do not want to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine. If you want to add your name, website, or any other identifying information that will be linked back to you I will be more than happy to add this information.

If you agree to these guidelines please fill out the contact form here and we can discuss your needs and ideas.

Thank You!