Why Anonymous Submissions?

As it sometimes goes in the lives of children they are seldom ever heard. Kids are not seen as people but as small countries that require a dictator to rule over them. I do not believe in this socially accepted, in fact expected, way of regarding our future; also known as our children.

I see children as boats on a river. It is my job to steer their boat on whichever river they find themselves on. My job is to make sure their bow is pointed downstream and that they understand their boats can not go against the current. By this I mean they can not fight who they are, their nature. That is my number one job in the life of any child in my care, especially my own children.

In many cases children regarded as small countries grow up to become adults without a voice. Adults that do not regard themselves as boats on a river and do not have the necessary tools to steer their own ship. There’s power in the spoken word, YOUR spoken word.

The anonymous section of guiding hope is for people from all walks of life to find their voice again. Submissions can be anything from how great your day was and what obstacles you overcame to more personal submissions that require that the writer remain anonymous. You can choose to email me with your story and have me write it up for you or you can write it up and ask me to edit and submit. This tab is not mine, but yours. This part of my blog I am giving back to the people.