Coffee with President Obama

  Who am I to teach, preach, or blog like I have it all figured out when in fact the only thing I have figured out is that I have nothing figured out at all! I am constantly reminded that if I want my blog traffic to grow I have to conform. But, conformity to me is giving advice I don’t have or making  lists…

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Let Hope Reign Over This Place

Sometimes your mind can be cruel. Learning to love myself was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I no longer allow the voice in my head to control my emotions.

        “how could you let the house get so bad?”   “Your so lazy. You used to keep the house so clean. What happened to that person?”   “you don’t have a real job, this house should be spotless”   This is my train of thought while standing in the middle of the tornado that is my living room. I am in…

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I Need to get a Life: A Realized Codependents Struggle

  I was not going to type any of this up because I didn’t want to go downstairs to get my laptop. I wanted to stay hidden in my silent corner of the bathroom with my coffee cradled in my hands for security. The kids are asleep and I need time alone with my thoughts, not just my thoughts, but time alone with myself.  …

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