Unmasking Borderline Personality Disorder

Growing up with a borderline mother I had to treat myself as if I were a borderline by default, or by proxy (however you want to look at it) in adulthood. There is one very clear, definitive line, that separates me from my mother though; and that is my self-awareness. At the age of nineteen, I began my process of healing and treated myself as…

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Let Hope Reign Over This Place

Sometimes your mind can be cruel. Learning to love myself was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I no longer allow the voice in my head to control my emotions.

        “how could you let the house get so bad?”   “Your so lazy. You used to keep the house so clean. What happened to that person?”   “you don’t have a real job, this house should be spotless”   This is my train of thought while standing in the middle of the tornado that is my living room. I am in…

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Faces in a Patch Work Quilt

    I never expected you to be one more person I had to survive. Why do people hurt so bad? I should not be comparing everyone to junk food, but I am. I should not want to detox from people as if I had just binged on Toll House cookies; but I am. There are people out there that are healthy, right? There has…

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