We come here as often as we can manage to steal away;  Whenever there is an overwhelming urge to unplug or disconnect from the everyday monotony. Sometimes I need to get lost in its endlessness and power. 

  There is comfort to be found sitting next to something bigger than yourself, a weight that is somehow lifted. The freedom to let go of all control and let something bigger than yourself take the reins. 

  It demands respect, a respect one gladly gives out of admiration. The water is like a blanket protecting the life beneath it and above it. Giving and taking to ensure the preservation of every species. 

  It is a gentle giant willing to rock you to sleep or lift your pain away to ride the hypotonic white nose that surrounds you and fills every crack. 

  Most of all, I fell protected on its beaches. Suddendly, nothing can touch me; intrusive thoughts and the daggers stabbing at my heart can not penetrate the bubble I step into when sitting at the shore line. 

  We are safe cradled by something bigger than ourselves; and that alone is enough. 

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