Sexual Healing and empowerment


Sex is a hot topic for just about every adult in the world yet it is seldom talked about openly. I wonder why that is? Could it be shame, prudence or taboo? Are we embarrassed of admitting to primal needs or scared our desires will be seen as deviant? Do some of us hold back from discussing the topic because of past sexual abuse?

Sex has been cheapened by our society and at times is as relevant as a cherry slurpee at 7-eleven. How do we bring back the beauty of sexual pleasure? The communication and self-awareness it allows?


I have been on a journey of healing from past abuse my entire adult life and I have come a very long way. My journey has inevitably led me here, to the topic of sex and sexuality. My agenda is to explore myself (no pun intended) and why I was so ashamed of sex in the past compared to where I am now, open to my sexuality. I want to know what exactly initiated my sexual healing, what in me changed so drastically? I want to be raw in my journey because without honesty there is no healing. I want this series to also help others in their journey of sexual healing or enhancement as well.

Along the way, I will be interviewing several credentialed sources as well as lay people that are open and secure in their sexuality. I will add citations to this introduction as necessary for each post in the series.

I believe now, opposed to my views in the past,  that sex is a good and pure act; almost spiritual. I believe that when it is approached in a way that aligns with the beliefs of the individual as well as their partner;  to give more than to receive and to receive without guilt, one can find healing and truth. Connection to self and to another. I also believe that there is healing when one has been sexually abused. That is the purpose of my exploration on sexuality, to understand my own healing and to give hope to those searching for the same thing.