a frog fell in a pot of water that was on a gas stove. The frog swam around happily without a care in the world.

Soon, the temperature of the water started to rise but the frog managed to adjust his body temperature accordingly. Although it wasn’t the worst of situations, he figured he would just be uncomfortable and a little unhappy because he wasn’t MISERABLE; so he tolerated it. But as the water started to reach a boiling point, the frog was no longer able to adjust his body temperature accordingly. 

“OH CRAP!”, Thought the frog,”I have to get out of the water soon!”

The environment he was in was too hot, it was NOT good for him! The frog tried to jump out of the pot but the water temperature was reaching its boiling point. the frog didn’t have enough strength to get out! What was the reason that a frog couldn’t make it?

Of course you wouldn’t blame the boiling water, would you? NO! The frog couldn’t make it due to his own inability to decide when he should’ve jumped out. We all need to adjust to situations occasionally, but there are times when we need to take the appropriate action (a LIFE CHANGE) when we have the strength to do so before it’s too late.

I’ve spent the last three years hearing story after story about why people need a life change. And when a life change is offered to them, they stay in the hot water. because it’s bad, but not too bad. No matter what you do in life, I encourage everyone to take the appropriate LEAP of faith when they feel it in their soul, rather than remaining complacent.

Because I mean, the frog was complacent; for a bit, anyway.

~~ posted anonymously with permission to edit and repost on guiding hope


be true to who you are

Growing up I witnessed the adults in my life muddle through their existence with fear and contempt. Metaphorically speaking, my young mind saw them as paid criers at a funeral, ringing their bells and mourning a person they never knew. The deceased ultimately came to represent the life they rejected. The hope they hid that eventually went out in a small puff of smoke. They knew they were to mourn but the who and why was lost on the paid cries.

I took this all in and rejected it. I suppose one could say this was my very first, and most important, life change.

I did not want to be my mother trapped in a mean and vicious mental illness. One  that hurt everyone around her; Nor did I want to be my grandmother who stayed in an unhappy marriage because she accepted the unhappiness like a brick tied around her ankles, jumping into a river of deep depression every so often. There was also my grandfather, a man I loved with all the love a small child could give, but also knew his love had a limit based on my gender.



I have had many life changing events, choices to be made; to remain in that boiling pot or to jump out and hop away. Much like the frog, abandoning my current sinking ship is not an option; so the question that is begged is what other options is there for the frog of my life and current circumstance?

My answer is to blow out the fire on the stove. To have faith the owner of the pot thinks frog legs are nasty and the guest he was cooking me for is now gone. So there will be no relighting of the stove.

That works, for now.


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