Expanding upon one dimension of “Hell”

I am a novice so I won’t pretend to be a billy graham, not that I would want to be anyway.

I always find it interesting that atheists can quote scripture better than most christians; as christians, we should take a lesson.

With that said, it’s hard to understand what the phrase “the living word” truly means if you have never felt the energy that radiates from the pages. It truly takes a guiding hand to comprehend the basic lessons each scripture teaches even more so to understand the symbolism hidden within the pages.

The term relative to describe hell might have been a bad choice. Let’s try static. To think of hell as static is asinine. I can’t say for sure what hell looks like after your dead as I’m still alive but I am very secure in my claim that heaven and hell are here and now, it’s the life we choose for ourselves.

I feel christians have lost their way in today’s religious circles. You have the one day a week Christian, pastors that are bottom feeders and are only in it for the Rolex, concert church services, and worse of all; the closed mind. As I said earlier, you can’t interpret the bible without guidance or an open mind. They shun *sin* but can’t even truly define the word. I’m going to use a hot topic issue as an example, homosexuality.

Christians abhor the life style. They condemn the practicing homosexuals like they are a plague to our society. I have had several run ins with pastors on this very issue and it is something I can not waiver on. Are we god? Are we privy to a gay mans conversations with God? If you answered no to both of those questions it is not your place to pass judgement. Your only place is to love and guide when asked by the person to do so. Homosexuality being a sin or not, that is something to be decided between the person and god.

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