There is nothing *normal* about me and my blog is no exception. It is common knowledge that every blog should have one or two cohesive themes; but to pin me down like that is like asking a bear to dance.
Instead of a theme, I am picturing an end goal; to one day turn all these random thoughts into a book. So for now, take each new post for what it is, a memory I’m sifting through.
A little about me: I am a passive anarchist; head strong and determined to a fault. I am a breathing contradiction, an enigma to even myself at times. There is no black and white when it comes to how I think, but instead I like to see the way I think as colorful. I have been through hell, seen evil close up, and have witnessed first hand how demons can destroy a persons soul.
I am sensitive to energy and look at the world as if it was a giant battery; sharing and repelling *charges*. I have a husband who restored my faith in men as he found me after 7 years of celibacy. I was in a highly abusive marriage and looking back, I was as skittish as a rabbit but as fierce as a lion.
I have 3 boys. My oldest, who sees the world through rose-tinted glasses but is smarter than most people I know, including me! My middle son, aka “the rock”. He is consistent, reliable, and sturdy; He never waivers. Then there is my youngest. He is all of us in one tiny, 2 year old package. He loves without hesitation, sharp as his daddy, fierce when defending his space, and as eccentric as his mother.
I am by no means perfect. My RADs, depression, and PTSD remind me of that every day. But in way, those terms are just that, terms. They will box you in if you let them. I am ultimately devoted not only to my kids, but to myself. THAT is the point or theme of this blog. It is my journey of healing, my ability to guide hope.